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  • Hico Medical Restructure for Adjusting Production Catalog
    Hico Medical Restructure for Adjusting Production Catalog May 12, 2022
    Combined with the trend of international market demand, the company's core technical team has comprehensively considered the company's core industrial advantages. After many mature demonstrations and market research, HICO MEDICAL's management meeting has decided that starting from June 2022, several industry departments of the company will carry out necessary optimizations, Integrate and merge, through the integration and optimization of all departments, production equipment, and production materials of the group, the establishment of two leading products 1. Hospital bed and hospital furniture industry sector The main products are manual hospital beds, electric hospital beds, and hospital furniture including but not limited to: trolleys, medicine storage cabinets, operating tables, examination chairs, infusion chairs, etc. 2. Wheelchair Industry and Medical Rehabilitation Division The main products are Manual Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair, Electric Foldable Lightweight Wheelchair, Walker, Disabled Crutches, Walking Stick, Walker, Medical Oxygen Concentrator, etc. Our company will focus on the highest quality R & D team, better after-sales service, adhering to the tenet of "quality first, customer first", and sincerely serve the vast number of new and old overseas customers.
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  • Hico Medical Notice of Labor Day Holiday
    Hico Medical Notice of Labor Day Holiday April 29, 2022
    Hico Medical Notice of Labor Day Holiday Hico Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. will be closed from May 1st to May 3rd in preparation for the International Labor's  Day Holiday. During the holiday period, our sales department will still focus on and handle all inquiries from our customers in a timely manner.  We wish all our you and yours a Happy Labor's holiday! Hico Medical Equipment Co., Ltd  May-2022
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    Hico Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been on the leading edge of capital medical equipment manufacturers for over 15 years.  Based in Hefei City, Anhui Province, China, Hico Medical Equipment Co., Ltd offers a wide range of surgical medical equipment and devices including Hospital manual and electric Beds and Furniture, patient monitors, Surgical operational tables, Medical-surgical sterilizers, Hospital ICU stretchers, various types of lightweight foldable manual wheelchairs, foldable lightweight electric wheelchair and medical grade oxygen concentrators, Various walking aids and crutches for the elderly and handicapped to assist in their treatment Hico Medical is proud to offer medical professionals an extensive inventory of new, OEM name brands from recognized industry leaders as well as our own quality brands.   We take pride in knowing our customers rely on us to provide the best quality medical and hospital equipment at the absolute best price and each of our account managers is highly knowledgeable about how best to outfit your new facility.  We are here to help you find the equipment you need within the budget you desire. We never take shortcuts and we always have our customer’s best interest in mind – whether you need a piece of a part of any medical facility or are getting quotes to equip an entire facility. Hico Medical has built our rock-solid reputation over the last 15 years by working closely with medical facilities to supply them with every item they need to open a new facility, or to find the best solution for an existing facility.  Hico Medical is truly your one-stop shop for new medical equipment, med gas services, equipment services, and more. Any medical device product listed on Hico Medical’s site is the available for sale. Please feel free to contact Hico Medical Sales & Services anytime to learn how we can help you with any and all of your needs. Contact Us Today!
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  • Hospital Beds and Furniture Market Growth Status and Forecast 2026
    Hospital Beds and Furniture Market Growth Status and Forecast 2026 April 02, 2022
    The rising international accreditation by hospitals, growing number of road accidents and fatal sports injuries, and leveraging of internet platforms to create awareness of hospital infrastructure will offer immense growth opportunities. The hospitals are ramping up their infrastructure to meet the standards of the JCI, as it is considered a significant factor by medical tourists.  One of the key constituents of infrastructure is the hospital furniture comprising hospital beds, bedside tables, and examination tables and chairs. In addition, another key factor driving the global hospital furniture market growth is the growing geriatric population.  However, one of the key challenges to the global hospital furniture market growth is the limited sustainability of smaller vendors. It is extremely difficult for a new player to enter the market and gain substantial revenue, as the hospital furniture manufacturing process is expensive for small and medium players. In addition, they do not have large-scale manufacturing plants to manufacture the products in bulk numbers. According to a report from Heraldkeepers indicated on Mar-26-2022 -- The Global Hospital Furniture Market is estimated to reach over USD 14.3 billion by 2026 end at a CAGR of over 4% during the forecast period 2020 to 2026. Hospital furniture is one of the most important components of a hospital. There are many products in this category, such as recliners, recovery couches, cabinets, hospital beds, examination and bedside tables, etc. These products are widely used in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers. A very well-designed set of furniture has been found to improve the mood of a patient, which contributes to a faster recovery and improved health. Report on Hospital Furniture provides clients with an in-depth analysis of market size, market share, growth trends, consumer behavior, growth rate, product utilization, explore key players, brand positioning, price patterns, and other crucial driving factors. By analyzing the product prices of key competitors as well as emerging key players information on pricing patterns is obtained. Additionally, this Hospital Furniture market research report provides valuable information on the competitive landscape of emerging players, established players, and their business strategies. In the market overview indicated in this report, information is drawn from several sources, including government agencies, established companies, industry brokers, trade and industry associations, and other regulatory and non-regulatory groups. These organizations provide data that validates the market research report and assists clients in making better decisions. The data presented in this report also offers a contemporary perspective on market dynamics. In the Hospital Furniture research report, vendors will find information on the factors affecting market growth, which will provide them with useful data for strategic planning. A market’s...
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  • Hico Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd resumes work
    Hico Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd resumes work February 24, 2022
    After the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, Hico Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. will officially resume work from February 20, 2022. We will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "customer-centric, quality-first", and wholeheartedly provide high-quality products and all-weather online after-sales service to new and old customers all over the world. Please leave any inquiries online, we will have professional sales staff from various business departments as following waiting for your inquiries at any time. 1.Manual and Electric Hospital Beds department 2. Manual and Electric Wheelchairs department. 3. Professional Dental Equipment 4. Oxygen Concentrator department 5. Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies department
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  • 2022 Chinese Traditional Lunar New Year Holiday Notice
    2022 Chinese Traditional Lunar New Year Holiday Notice January 20, 2022
    Dear All Valued Customers, 2022 Chinese Traditional Lunar New Year is in the coming corner, Hico Medcial Equipment Co., Ltd will close for this public holiday from Jan,30th,2022 to Feb,10,2022. The following departments will implement the holiday from this date set. 1. Manual and Electric Hospital beds division Products involved and include: all kinds of manual hospital beds, electric hospital beds, ICU nursing beds 2.Rehabilitation and Elderly Products Center Products involved: Products involved: All kinds of Elder rehabilitation products, including walker aids, shifters, and Elder Walker Crutches  3.Wheelchair Division Products involved: manual and electric wheelchairs, Lightweight Manual Wheelchair, Foldable Lightweight Electric Wheelchair and etc. 4. Oxygen Concentrator Division Products involved: All kinds of Medical Oxygen Concentrator. During this holiday period, we will still have dedicated service personnel 7*24 to serve to our customers. On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, all Hico Medical staffs wish you and yours a Healthy, Peaceful, and Prosperity Year of 2022.
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  • PPE Division Launching of Hico Medical Equipment Co., LTD
    PPE Division Launching of Hico Medical Equipment Co., LTD December 14, 2021
    After more than half a year of preparation and processing, the PPE division of HICO MEDICAL Group, began its official operation on today. From today onwards, HICO MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD has the following specialized divisions within its widely scale of the medical equipment industry. 1. Hospital beds and hospital furniture division Main production and operation: various kinds of Medical Hospital Beds and hospital furnitures 2. Oxygen Concentrator Division: product scale covers various types of Portable Oxygen Concentrator for medical and household healthcare use 3. Wheelchair Division: The products cover a wide range of high quality, Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs, Portable electric wheelchairs and mobility aids for the disabled people 4. PPE Division: products include disposable medical and Non-Medical Masks, protective clothing, isolation gowns, surgical nitrile gloves, LateX gloves, foot gloves, etc.
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  • Hico Medical Ramps Up Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies Stockpile to Address COVID Variant Virus Omicron
    Hico Medical Ramps Up Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies Stockpile to Address COVID Variant Virus Omicron November 29, 2021
    Omicron, the newest and most mutated strain of the New Coronavirus to date, has spread in South Africa and spread by international routes to multiple countries, raising global concern. According to the World Health Organization's "Omicron Update" released on Nov. 28, the Omicron strain has several mutations that could have an impact on its ability to spread and the extent of its pathogenicity. Previously, on November 26, WHO named the new crown mutant strain B.1.1.529 as Omicron and listed it as a variant of concern. But information is limited, and WHO and partners, researchers in South Africa and around the world, and others, are studying Omicron to clarify the strain's infectiousness, pathogenicity, and impact on the effectiveness of existing New Crown vaccines and means of detecting infection. WHO said it may take a few more days or weeks to get exact information on Omicron. In this regard, reference news cited foreign media reports that the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Fauci told U.S. President Joe Biden on 28 local time that it would take about two weeks to grasp the infectiousness and other characteristics of the mutated strain of New Crown pneumonia "Omicron". The White House said in a statement that Fauci told Biden that "he continues to believe that the existing vaccine may provide some level of protection for severe cases of New Crown pneumonia," according to the report. It is unclear whether infection with omicron causes more severe disease than infection with other New Coronavirus variants, including delta. Preliminary data suggest that hospitalization rates in South Africa are increasing, but this may be due to an increase in the total number of infections rather than to the greater susceptibility of Omicron to cause severe illness. Symptoms are currently mild in those infected, but WHO notes that all variants of the new coronavirus, including the highly infectious delta, can cause serious illness or death, especially in vulnerable populations with poor immunity. It will therefore take a few days to weeks to clarify the severity of the disease caused by the Omicron variant, but until then, prevention is always key. The Omicron variant has raised concerns about vaccine resistance. WHO is working with technical partners to understand the potential impact of the new variant on existing therapeutic responses, including vaccines. Major vaccine manufacturers are also testing the effectiveness of higher dose booster shots and developing vaccines against omicron. PCR tests are still widely used to test patients for omicron infection, and researchers are also trying to determine if this variant has any impact on other types of tests, including rapid antigen detection tests such as nasal or nasopharyngeal swab samples or deep throat saliva samples. As far as treatment is concerned, corticosteroids and interleukin-6 receptor blockers remain effective in treating patients with severe neocon. However, given ...
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