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Create a Home Oxygen Bar For Your Family Nov 22, 2021
With The rapid advancement of society and development of the global economy has brought about the rapid deterioration of the environment and the global climate continues to change in the direction of deterioration,while people enjoy the convenience and efficiency of life brought about by social development, they also suffering from the evils of environmental pollution! at the same time, In recent years, with people pursue higher and higher quality of life, more and more families are buying fitness equipment and health care products. A Medical Portable Oxygen concentrator as can create a high concentration of oxygen, favored by a large number of families. Not only the elderly use it, but also the working people and pregnant women use it very frequently.
First of all, let's look at the harm caused by environmental degradation to the human body,there are three main hazards of environmental pollution to human body.
  (1) acute hazards: pollutants in a short period of time, the concentration is very high, or several pollutants combined into the human body can cause acute harm to the human body.
  (2) chronic hazards: chronic hazards mainly refers to small doses of pollutants continue to act on the human body to produce harm. Such as the impact of air pollution on the incidence of chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.

  (3) Long-term hazards: The hazards of environmental pollution on human body are generally manifested after a long latent period, such as the carcinogenic effect of environmental factors. Carcinogenic factors in the environment mainly include physical, chemical and biological factors. Physical factors, such as leukemia and lung cancer caused by external radiation exposure or inhalation of radioactive substances, and biological factors, such as tropical malignant lymphoma, have been proved to be caused by a virus transmitted by blood-sucking insects. Chemical factors, according to animal experiments, have been proven to have carcinogenic chemicals of more than 1100 kinds. In addition, pollutants have a great influence on heredity. All living things themselves have the property of genetic mutation, and the harm of environmental pollution on human genetics is mainly manifested in mutagenic and teratogenic effects.

The deterioration of the air is again the biggest killer, winter is coming, many middle-aged and elderly people as well as infants and children are the biggest victims of air, this society, the popular concept of health, but in fact people are more in pursuit of material and spiritual enjoyment and ignore the premise of physical health. People live in places where the air is often the least circulated, but also the most serious pollution places, many home appliances, decoration are the main factors in the manufacture of air killers, although scientists have proposed a lot of family air health program, but the actual social application is not widespread, mainly because of the difficulty, along with such a state, all kinds of home oxygen machines (shouting air purification, An Atomization Nebulizer Sprayer and other functions) have been launched market.

The concept of home oxygen machine is to use with air separation technology, the air at a certain temperature for gas-liquid separation, and then further distillation and obtained. Oxygen is thus separated out. Using molecular sieve physical adsorption and desorption technology, the nitrogen in the air can be adsorbed when pressurized, and the remaining unabsorbed oxygen is collected and extracted through technical processing to become high purity oxygen. The whole process is a cyclic dynamic cycle, in which the molecular sieve is not consumed. Thus creating a small oxygen bar for the family, to achieve air purification, and the provision of healthy oxygen function.

The market price of a branded oxygen concentrator is usually in a lower price lever, which is only equivalent to the price of an ordinary TV, while its actual benefits to the human body far exceed those of other appliances.

Winter is coming, to bring health to your home, you can consider adding a small Home oxygen Concentrator to careate a Family oxygen bar for your families.

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