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Environmental Sustainability actions taken placed of Healthcare and Medical equipment Mar 10, 2022
Climate change is progressively beginning to dominate the global conversation, with current efforts at mitigating the impact of global warming falling significantly short. While we are all aware of the effects environmentally unfriendly practices can have on people’s health, only recently has there been more recognition of the role the healthcare sector plays in contributing to these practices.
The healthcare sector is a huge source of waste and greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, it is responsible for 4.4% of net emissions globally.  Some of this is generated directly from healthcare facilities, but more than 70% of healthcare emissions are generated in the supply chain, including the manufacture and disposal of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.
When looking across the supply chain and direct provision of care, more than half of all emissions are derived from energy utilization (e.g., electricity and gas use).

at the beginning of 2022, Hico Medical Equipment Co., Ltd with its all divisions taken part into the project to making green earth, we are called out following 3 points for ensuring the Environmental and enterprise development is Sustainability 

1. More sustainable manufacturing processes and medical devices
The most obvious way for vendors to address sustainability is within their production lines, distribution channels, and the products themselves.

While this is easier said than done (given the stringent regulations in place for medical devices and the need for products to be commercially viable), there are several approaches manufacturers could investigate to internally reduce their carbon footprint

2. Partner with healthcare facilities and health systems to support the introduction of sustainable technology and workflows
Many facilities are introducing environmentally-friendly measures to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. Some organizations are in a good position to manage this themselves, however, many facilities could benefit from external contractors.
in this participation, our electric and manual lightweight wheelchair department and Hospital beds and furniture depart were involved and would do something to show our power and contributions
Medical manufacturers are well placed to offer partnerships with such facilities to help them transition to more sustainable workflows.

In many cases, hospitals have been able to recognize large cost-savings by introducing these measures, and partnering with manufacturers could be seen as a good investment for long-term reward.

3. Invest in in-service models

Although disposable devices are not necessarily less environmentally friendly than reusable products, they do represent a market that cannot be sustained indefinitely. Moving towards the use of reusable/re-processable devices can be supported by the provision of products as a service rather than a capital expense. some of our divisions could take part into this section to show their contributions, such as the walk aid crutches and wanes equipment department

The benefits for the vendor are primarily the opportunity to sell to more customers who will commit to long-term contracts. It also ensures a stable and predictable source of income and a competitive advantage over other vendors. This model nicely complements the strategies outlined in point number two.

As conversations around sustainability become more significant in the healthcare sphere, partnering with vendors who can offer truly sustainable products will become more important. As such, engaging with stakeholders heavily involved in sustainability to understand how they expect the needs and decision-making processes of health systems to evolve, is crucial.

Market research agencies with expertise in the medical sector, such as IDR Medical, are very well suited to advising medical manufacturers in selecting the best markets, respondents, and methodologies for research based on your interests, products, and capabilities.

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