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Evaluation and testing standards of lightweight wheelchairs Oct 28, 2021

Lightweight wheelchairs are characterized by their low cost and limited range of adjustment and It has been widely used in various fields such as hospitals, elderly, handicapped, travel, etc.

A study evaluated three different folding lightweight wheelchair models which using the American National Standards Institute/Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America (ANSI/RESNA) standards to found out the quality had improved since the previous another data were reported. On the basis of an reports of increasing breakdown rates in the community, so, the  Researchers hypothesized that the quality of those wheelchairs had declined. Seven of the nine wheelchairs tested failed to pass the multidrum test durability requirements

The data show that an average of 194,502 +/- 172,668 equivalent cycles was completed, which is similar to the previous test results and far below the 400,000 minimum required to pass the ANSI/RESNA requirements. This was also significantly worse than the test results for aluminum ultralight folding wheelchairs. Overall, our results uncovered some disturbing issues with these wheelchairs and suggest that manufacturers should put more effort into this category to improve quality.

The way to improve the durability of lightweight wheelchairs,  The experts suggested that stronger regulations be developed that require wheelchairs to be tested by independent and certified test laboratories. they also proposed a wheelchair rating system based on the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration vehicle crash ratings to assist clinicians and end users when comparing the durability of different wheelchairs.

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