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Hico Medical supply chain of oxygen concentrators and wheelchairs and hospital furniture products Sep 16, 2021
In the golden autumn,a good news from our management of Hico Medical Co., LTD , with the grouped efforts of the company's management and the Group's industrial departments, the strategic objectives and directions for the sustainable development of the company were determined

With the ageing of the global population, the improvement of the health status of the population and the standard of living of the people, the increase of people's awareness of health and the increase of the demand for rehabilitation and convalescence of the elderly, the management of the company has decided that the main direction of the future production and development of products will be: oxygen machines, wheelchairs, dental and other rehabilitation and convalescence products as the main line, while taking into account the development and production of other hospital furniture, medical beds and other basic hospital supporting facilities.

Oxygen Concentrator: The main investment is in the research, development and production of home and medical grade oxygen concentrator to meet the needs of the home rehabilitation and hospital oxygen supply markets, and to form a closed-loop supply of related ancillary products.
Wheelchairs: all types of manual, electric and power-assisted wheelchairs and related products such as: crutches, etc.
Hospital furniture: hospital beds, dental chairs, gynaecological examination tables, drug transfer cabinets, emergency transfer vehicles, infusion equipment, etc.

HICOMEDICAL is committed to producing products that are "safe, energy efficient, green and sustainable".

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