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What Kind of Facilities for An Morden ICU Ward Oct 22, 2021

ICU (Intensive Care Unit)ICU is a must-have facility for every independent hospital to treat critically ill patients in the world.. Intensive care is a medical organization management that integrates modern medical care technology with the development of professional medical care, the birth of new medical equipment and the improvement of hospital management system form.

ICU Ward

Intensive care ward, admit patients with respiratory, circulatory, metabolic and other systemic functional failure in various departments such as medicine and surgery, and concentrate on strong respiratory, circulatory, metabolic and other functional systemic management for them. Ward nursing equipment market research report shows that the icu ward "people-oriented" icu ward design should be based on people's psychological activities and basis, based on physiological characteristics, behavioral activities as a guide to understand all aspects of people's needs for the hospital, to truly realize the "home-away-from-home The feeling of "home away from home".

1, An ICU ward use modern society, high-tech achievements, in the framework of humanistic thinking, the establishment of efficient and fast medical system, so as to drive the development of the hospital intensive care unit.

2、An ICU ward takes the research results of ergonomics, psychology, sociology and other related marginal sciences to broaden the extension of "human-oriented" design and systematically establish the theories and practices of humanized design in hospital design.

3、An ICU ward takes the theory of post-modern architecture, reinterprets "people-oriented", and transitions the "people-oriented" design from the real reality of the family to the deep metaphor and association of "elegant and vulgar culture". The "human-centered" design will be transformed from a realistic reality to a deep metaphor and association of "elegant and vulgar culture", which will truly bring the "human-centered" design into the realm of art. Through the people to enjoy the beauty.

A. ICU main treatment objects are:

① serious trauma, after major surgery and the need for continuous and close monitoring of vital indicators and supporters; ② the needfor cardiopulmonary resuscitation; ③ an organ (including heart, brain, lung, liver, kidney) failure or multi-organ failure; ④ severe shock, sepsis and poisoning patients; ⑤ organ transplantation before and after the need to monitor and enhance treatment

B. Major equipment needed for An ICU wards:

Bedside monitor, central monitor, multifunctional respiratory therapy machine, anesthesia machine, electrocardiogram machine, defibrillator, pacemaker, infusion pump, microinjector, tracheal intubation and emergency equipment required for tracheotomy. In hospitals with better conditions, there are also blood gas analyzers, microelectronic computers, electroencephalography machines, ultrasound machines, bedside x-ray machines, hemodialysis machines, intra-arterial balloon counterpulsator, blood and urine analyzers, blood biochemical analyzers, etc.

Since the ICU is a monitoring and treatment for patients in critical condition under modern medical equipment, so, the personnel working in an ICU ward must have a strong theoretical knowledge of medical fundamentals, rich clinical experience, strong adaptability, and the ability to master the operation of complex instruments.

Hico Medical Co.,Ltdare committed to cooperating with large and medium-sized hospitals around the world for years and built modern hospital emergency centers and ICUs. We provide them with the necessary equipment such as emergency Medical hospital beds, emergency transport vehicles, nursing beds, respiratory monitoring equipment,Medical Oxygen concentrators for respiratory systems, centralized oxygen supply systems, disinfection systems and homecare atomizer nebulizer and sterilizers and etc.

Facilities for An Moreden ICU Ward from Hico Medical Co.,Ltd supplied

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