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  • 9 file stainless steel sturdy medical crutches
    9 file stainless steel sturdy medical crutches
    Factory Direct Sales Adjustable Height Stainless Steel Crutches
    Factory Direct Sales Adjustable Height Stainless Steel Crutches product description: This product is a new type of underarm crutches developed in combination with foreign products. It is made of all stainless steel. The surface is smooth and beautiful. The height can be adjusted easily by using arm rests, handshake, rubber seat, and push-button marbles. Features: 1. All stainless steel production; 2. Reinforced central tube, providing excellent support; 3. Specially designed telescopic tube provides better load; 4. Anti-slip rubber foot pads provide good ground friction, and the built-in metal gaskets enhance its durability; The 5.9-level button can be adjusted, the size can be customized, and it is suitable for people with a height of 1.56-1.85CM 6. Load 150KG Instructions for use: 1: Adjust the crutches to a suitable height. Two adjustment methods for lifting crutches: press down the marble, pull out the branch tube, adjust to a suitable height, pop out the marble, and use it. During use, the angle between the stick’s extension and the ground should not be less than 60 degrees to prevent slippage. . 2: Check whether the handle is loose or the handle surface is rough, to prevent the loose handle from causing harm to you and the rough handle may hurt your palm.

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