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The gynecological diagnosis and treatment bed has been greatly improved and perfected in design, which is not only suitable for gynecological routine examination, but also suitable for gynecological washing and treatment. It innovatively uses FRP material as the main material of the bed, which is safe and stable, luxurious and beautiful in appearance, no rust, no discoloration, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and durable.
The humanized design of the gynecological diagnosis and treatment bed improves the sense of security, comfort and warmth of the female patient's diagnosis and treatment process, not only allows the patient to bid farewell to the fear of cold, but also improves the working environment of the medical staff to make it clean and clean. It is a gynecological bed worthy of the majority of medical institutions.
The main technical parameters:
Table width: 640mm
Overall length of table top: 1360-1760 mm
Table height: 800mm (hip board height)
Back panel angle: 180° adjustable in 6 grades
The standard configuration:
A pair of stainless steel pedal racks
A pair of calf support and pedals
A pair of reinforced handles
A glass fiber reinforced plastic can push and pull water and sewage basin
Main Feature:
1. Humanized design, safe, comfortable and warm, eliminating the fear of female patients in diagnosis and treatment.
2. The new glass fiber reinforced plastic material has luxurious appearance, no rust, no discoloration, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and durability.
3. The calf support and the pedal are innovatively integrated, which can support both the calf and the foot, so that patients are not tired for long-term diagnosis and treatment.
4. The height and length of the calf support and the pedal are easy to adjust, adapting to the different body types of patients.
5. The backrest and seat cushion are made of high-quality leather-wrapped sponge with anti-static, anti-ultraviolet light, anti-oxidation, anti-mildew, wear-resistant and non-fading, which is durable, warm and comfortable.
7. The backrest can be adjusted in 6 grades, and the patient can operate flexibly and conveniently while sitting on the bed.
6. The seat cushion is specially added with transparent waterproof material. The design is reasonable and seamless, which is not only waterproof, but also easy to replace.
8. The sewage basin can be pushed and pulled back and forth, and the sewage bucket and the sewer device are located behind the bed, which is clean and hygienic.
9. The front end of the bed is provided with a waste paper basket placement area, which is convenient for doctors to operate and saves space at the same time.

Note: The bed of this product is made of a new type of glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the shells of aircraft and yachts are made of this material. Safe, strong and durable

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