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Hico Medical Important Project Launching of Oxygen Concentrator and Wheelchair Sep 16, 2021
Autumn is in full swing and the cool breeze is just right! It was a great and delight day to celebrate when  leadership from Hico Medical Co., Ltd whom officially proposed to focus the strategic centre of product development and production on the rehabilitation and healing industry and its related products.
The specific products involved include the following broad categories
1. Oxygen concentrator and their ancillary products,including household and medical grade oxygen concentrator and Centralized Oxygen supply generator
2. Wheelchairs and their related derivatives, including various kind of Manual and Electric wheelchair, walk aids and etc
3. Hospital furniture and related products, including, hospital beds, transport cart and trolley and etc.
Hico Medical Equipment Co., Ltd will continue to uphold the principles of "green, ECO friendly, convenient, sustainable and humanistic" in its products. We will strive to raise our products and services to a high level in the industry.
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