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An Operation Manual for Using an Oxygen Concentrator Sep 09, 2021

A operation manualfor usinganoxygen machine

1. to tun one an oxygen concentrator, the minus time must be used at least 30 minutes due to oxygen machine generally boot 30 minutes oxygen concentration will be stable, and in a short time frequent switch machine will reduce the service life of oxygen machine.

2. Only connect the nasal oxygen tube to the breathing valve when used at home

3. To prevent fire, it is forbidden to use lighters and other open flame sources when the oxygen concentrator is switched on.

4. The oxygen generator must be placed in a place with good air circulation. The work of the oxygen generator requires air circulation to obtain the oxygen content of the surrounding air for extraction; if the air is not ventilated, the machine will become increasingly hot.

5. The molecular sieve of oxygen concentrator must be cleaned regularly and the molecular sieve must be kept clean to output sufficient oxygen. After use, it is recommended to disinfect with ozone or UV radiation, avoiding:high temperature disinfection; wipe both noses with an alcohol swab after each use. After about 1 week of use, disinfection with UV or ozone is sufficient. It is generally recommended to replace the oxygen tube monthly.

6.There were 5 adjustment switches. You must read the instructions carefully and then select the correct adjustment position according to the amount of oxygen to be supplied.

7. Some oxygen concentrators can be used by two people, but for your health, care must be taken to ensure that the two people are kept at an appropriate distance and that the necessary precautions are taken to avoid cross infection.

8. The oxygen concentrator should be placed in a smooth, ventilated and dry environment. Do not place debris or other dangerous objects around the oxygen concentrator to avoid affecting the normal operation of the oxygen concentrator.

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