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Why Covid Patient need an Oxygen Concentrator Aug 17, 2021
While the Covid virus and its Variants is still ravaged over the world, per reference to few authoritative experts who said that, with the current state of human medical technology, there was no way to eradicate the Covid virus and it would live with us for a long time, just like the flu virus we are found from nature presently! We must be prepared to fight the COVID virus for a long time.
The first priority in treating a patient with Covid is to provide him/her with the symptoms of lack of oxygen caused by the virus. Therefore, a medical-grade oxygen concentrator is a necessary essential in every home to prevent hypoxic syndrome caused by the COVID virus.
The key substance in the making of a medical oxygen concentrator is the medical molecular sieve, which is divided into sodium and lithium molecular sieves according to its purity and stability in separating oxygen from the nature air.
a>. Sodium molecular sieves are an older type of molecular sieve, it's cheaper and less purity, and can be used as a raw material for home grade oxygen concentrators, but are not suitable for Covid patients.
b>.Lithium molecular sieves are the most widely used molecular sieves for medical applications in recent years, it's more expensive than the sodium molecular sieves, with a higher concentration of separated oxygen and stable performance. It is widely used in the manufacture of medical grade oxygen generators. It is ideal for use in Covid patients.
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