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Summary of common faults and solutions for oxygen concentrator Sep 06, 2021

Summary of common faults and solutions for oxygen concentrator

Many consumers will be troubled by some machine fault problems after purchasing an oxygen concentrator. Today our after-sales engineers have compiled some solutions to common problems so that consumers can first troubleshoot on their own to save a lot of time. If the fault cannot be rectified, then please contact our after-sales staff as soon as possible for further after-sales service.

After purchasing your oxygen concentrator, be sure to read the operating instructions in detail! This is because 60% of problems are caused by consumers operating the machine incorrectly without reading the operating instructions!

Common Problems

Q:What should I do if I receive a concentration alarm after the oxygen machine has been switched on?

A:Please check the machine flow rate and if it is a manual flow meter, see if it is running over the flow rate. Over-flow operation is particularly common for first time users! The machine must be used within the rated flow rate after switching on!

Q:The control panel indicates a temperature alarm and the oxygen concentrator stops, what should I do?

A:The air intake is not smooth.

1. The primary filter has not been cleaned or replaced for a long time.

2. The air inlet is blocked by curtains or other objects.

Poor exhaust heat dissipation: 1.

1, the machine is too close to the wall or furniture, pay special attention not to put the oxygen concentrator in the corner.

2. The exhaust port at the bottom of the machine is not blocked.

Q:What should I do if the oxygen concentration alarm is displayed on the oxygen concentrator, but the machine is still running?

A:The following are possible causes of this phenomenon.

(1) The oxygen flow rate on the oxygen generator exceeds the rated flow rate.

(2) The machine is doing atomisation.

(3) The voltage at the customer's home is lower than the machine's operating voltage.

(4) Whether the air intake is clear. (e.g. a concentration alarm will occur if the inlet air filter cotton is clogged with dust). Note: This does not occur when the machine is running for a short period of time.

(5) The concentration alarm will also occur if the machine does not dissipate heat properly.

Q:After pressing the power switch, the oxygen concentrator displays a power failure alarm and the machine does not start.

A: Possible causes of the phenomenon are as follows.

(1) The power plug is not plugged in properly.

(2) No power in the indoor power outlet.

(3) The overcurrent protector is disconnected (check if the protector is tripped or damaged).

Q:The oxygen concentrator screen shows normal, but the compressor stops and starts and does not operate properly.

A:Please check the voltage at home. In rural areas or in some older urban areas, this low voltage condition often occurs. The solution is to add a home voltage regulator to stabilise the voltage. Please do not assume that because your TV and fridge are working properly your home voltage is fine!

Q:Oxygen generator work not oxygen or small amount of oxygen, wetting bottle no obvious bubbles how to do?

A: following up the steps as below.

1、Check whether the flow rate adjustment is in non-zero position.

2、Check whether the oxygen suction tube is kinked or damaged, straighten out the oxygen suction tube or replace the oxygen suction tube.

3、Whether the cap of the wetting bottle is tightened, whether the interface between the wetting bottle and the machine is leaking.

4、The wetting bottle should be filled with cool boiled water, the clogging of the oxygen tube from the wetting bottle will affect the oxygen output, and should be replaced in time.

5、Check and clean the air inlet filter cotton or replace the new high efficiency filter.

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