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ZY-1Z 1-7L Household Oxygen Concentrator Sep 09, 2021

Oxygen is the gas on which we depend for our survival. Lacks f oxygen is a common occurrence around the natural world

Oxygenation in the elderly enhances body and brain function and slows down ageing. Pregnancy oxygenation increases maternal oxygen levels and is beneficial to the health of the mother and the development of the foetus. Travel oxygenation can replenish oxygen in time and relieve plateau reaction. White collar oxygenation can relieve work stress and improve work efficiency. Oxygenation for patients can accelerate the improvement of their condition and improve the immunity of the body. Oxygenation can improve the memory and thinking ability of students.

In all above situation, we need a portable oxygen concentrator named ZY-1Z which is Our 1-7L Adjustable home care Oxygen Concentrator. It is popular product in the oxygenerator market. It has flow range 1-7L. The Oxygen concentration can be up to 95% when the flow is 1L which is medical grade.

The oxygen concentrator requires a voltage of 220V/110V. Power 120 W. Dimensions 284*187*302 mm. noise level less than 45 dB. can work continuously for more than 48 hours. It is a good helper for home care oxygen therapy. Can be used not only for oxygen intake, but also for nebuliser.

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